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early morning went to take queue number at family doc. mum was unwell. so coincidence, i also went to check my mailbox. and wala! woohoo!! saw 2 envelope that contains items for me. one of them are lens & the other are from overseas. ^___^

i got excited ok. went to open the international envelope and saw money and printed papers.. it was sent by my international customer. omg! hahaha. seriously, im excited because you know, this is my first time having customer from international. and shes from Miami, Florida! :D cool right?? i just looove seeing their notes. ahhahaa. i was excited actually at that moment. went home, went to inform her about it and shes glad to know that the envelope arrives safely, whats more important, by 30 August!

the cash was nicely slot inside this handmade envelope made by her. see that "Thank You" word on the cardboard?? yes, that was by her. nice! and the coins, was written in "quarter dollar". cool man! meaning is 1/4 or 25 cents. and the notes are all in the same sizes.. really awesome!

i censored part of my address & hers for privacy purposes.

& this is USD 35.50!


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