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guys, read this post. gonna be kinda epic part later.. just read.

alright, today was a fine day for me. 50/50. didnt attend student council photo-taking in the morning cos i was so tired that i slept till 1015, when im supposed to be there by 1030. awesome. of course i rushed to sch since ezum was late also, in the end, the damn part was when i reached sch, she told me not to go class, instead, go student hub. funny part, i was so excited to know the good news she said in text earlier, but the good news was, class started at 2pm. and im there at 1230. power! slacked with friends until almost 2pm since the class photo-taking happens to be at the same time.

after photo-taking, went up to class, yes i did as usual discussed with group mates about project status. lastly, all out of idea cos bottomline, we supposed to come up with something but then, we had not come up with anything. and my form teacher are being so cranky. ask do this and that. think easy uh.

after class went to amk with zen to service my hp. and i'll be getting my hp back on friday. friday.. today is wednesday.. 2 more days. sigh~


i cnt wait to share about this part, you know, each time i login to my formspring, theres always this bloody idiot anonymous asking about my virginity. furthermore, not once, but more than thrice. altogether i had been answering 4x. wtf! and seriously, you see my picture below, yes, i feeling like i wanna box your face for asking me that noob qns.

you see right?! bloody hell! virgin virgin..

who is not mad. i know these days, the generations had gone haywire, but that doesnt mean im in the same society. whats the motive of you asking me bloody 4x about my virgin?! i said it once that im virgin. unless ure too noob to understand what my reply means. and yes, i am complaining right now! its like irritating, out of all qns??

anonymous: are you a virgin??
me: yes definitely! :D \\//

few weeks later..

anonymous: still a virgin?
me: of course and im proud of that. how many times must i ans this?

weeks later..

anonymous: are you virgin?
me: omg. this qns again. guess this my 3rd time answering. Yes, i am still Virgin. dont be so despo can? irritating.. are you virgin are you virgin. =___=

days later..

anonymous: u sure not you're a virgin?
me: of course. why u kept asking me this? its something that im proud of. i am still virgin. and you, dont be so desperate to keep on asking me this again and again. if ure so high on this, go and ask other girl. and let me make this clear, another qns asking about my virgin, i will not reply & will just delete. its has already been answered clearly that i am and i had answered the qns 3x, this will be my 4th. mr horny, ure asking wrong person about virginity. you wanna deal about sexual matter, not by formspring and but face it, u dont even dare to show up. ure so into my virgin right? then read my post in my blog soon mr horny. irritating idiot. virgin virgin from that time.. sickening.

not only all the qns above, now it comes with..

anonymous: are you pregnant?

like wtf is wrong with these sicko despo of sex morons! i may not know whether its a girl or a guy, either way i cant define which gender asked me that qns. idc about that. but bottomline, it just seems so stupid honestly. why out of all qns must be virgin?? and yes i am virgin, and what connection has that gotta do with you? if ure so despo to have sex, go online search for chicks. not by asking me virgin not. and its true what im virgin. like omg. you asked the wrong girl about virgin.

its really unnecessary for whoeva to know about this actually. idk why this has been so minor to many ppl these days.. cmon uh, i knew this generation has gone wild but that doesnt mean im in the same subj.

lastly, i'll ignore any qns about virginity anymore. its clear that im virgin, and im sure theres no need any further elaboration. if you want to know so much, contact me. and i'll consider whether to give you a kick on your face or a box on your face.


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