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its monday already! school start, project start, everything start. few hours to sahur. im off to sleep now. & im happy to see the capping for preorder #4 this time. wooohooo!! :D

alright, i gtg to sleep now. thanks for reading this short post. i have nothing to share about. and to those who loves my music in my blog, thank you. didnt know majority of girls loves hearing what music i insert to my blog media player ;D cheers! i also seldom find new song. if yall can realise, i have not been changing my media for quite long time. gotta get it change it soon ; when im free. haha.

oh yeah, i had a great talk otp with my dear bestfriend tasha. imy babe! we shall meet soon someday, guess we gotta make compulsory date for us to meet. hees. & to affrina, i love you too bestie! ure the craziest girl i've meet. should crack some jokes with you when we meet. friendship im talking in this paragraph. hahaha. well i guess what zen said was right, im a true friend. aff, good luck to your 2nd week of school! hahaha! text me up babe, we shall otp again, i miss that moment. and why the hella im typing in the middle of the night. actually i dnt know what to write, so what goes in my head, that'll be what im typing right now. hehe. ;D

ok, im done. guess till here. tasha & affrina, i love you babes! yall rocks my life! \m/ & ezum, cya tmrw in school. we gotta complete our project asap. sorry for not attending the meeting on friday, my bad.

takecare readers! \\//out.


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