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seriously, im having bad flu & sneezing constantly. grr! irritating. plus my nose is getting read after each interval. *bang guitar* hope i will get well soon, cos nxt week schooling already & today im supposed to meet ezum later in school for project.

so yesterday amalia tagged me and said she has already wrote smtg about my blogshop service in her blog. well, i went to check it out and it turns out, "Wow!" yeah. meaning to say, TZCollections got featured! yay! ^__^ and imma put up her post in my blogshop as well.

so sweet of you amalia! =D view full post at her blog here.

alright, im done. gotta get my ass off to shower and school. still after the project meet-up i have to go and mail all the lenses. pfft. more than idk how many pairs..

takecare readers! and bdw, flood my formspring inbox. sometimes when im bored i login and no qns. like more bored. ahhaha. alright, tc & bye!


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