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So fast its already September & next week is Hari Raya. i guess many have bought their baju raya.. but me, i have not yet. i'd always go shopping at the last min with family. ahaha. yeah. its has been for years. so this year im not sure what colour, but mum said its going to be purple. i'll go with it.. just incase purple not available, i'll just pick probably red or black or maybe blue or brown.

time flies and people changed. i've always tell my bestfriend, tasha to move on because u cant do shit in life if u aint moving on.. well all i hope shes doing fine there. to all my old bestfriends, cheers in life and all the best ahead. months later its going to be new year. fast isnt it?? and im gonna get my ass off to take license. dad said i needa get license hopefully before hari raya haji. i hope so i can do it..

about my blogshop, everything went fine. but one thing was that many people just jollywell fill in and aint making the payment. cmon, its a preorder. yall think we're bank? and i decided to do it this way, to make it fair, imma send all paid orders every friday. and for those who have not yet make their payment, they still have plenty of time to do it until by the end of the month. i also think that it makes my job easier and it really satisfies my customers. who doesnt want to get their lens as soon as possible, right? so im just gonna stick to this way. by this, for those who have paid for their lens earlier, they'll get their lens the week after. (:

alright, cheers to reader. i have school today, at 12pm. and sunday i'll probably be meeting this old new bestie, hilman. imma try to split my time for you. ok, that's all for today. takecare :D


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