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this is when i was like 13 or 14 years old. haha! some says my face doesnt change..

sorry for not been updating my blog for days. i've been very very busy lately. didnt attend sch this week. somehow i felt like i've plotted own holiday manually. ahhaha. thats funny. many preparations had to be done. i just bought my baju raya yesterday, its purple in colour. yeah! & i'll be buying my heels probably either at bugis or far east, idk yet.

had a blast at geylang just now. before that me & my family went to carrefour at marina to search for my mum's needs. her chafing-dish.. idk why she needs that.. but after that, we head to marine parade to get my younger's brother nintendo repaired. he made it spoil due to improper care of the R4. everything was done at 6pm. my family & i head to geylang. & finding a parking lot was heck of one trouble. all was total full. break fast at one of these coffee shop beside geylang market there. omg, the service was very bad! yes, very. first we all were there and it has been like almost 15mins none came to us to give the menu. wtf! next, after we got the menu, we went to place order, oh my goodness, the drink wasnt there yet when its time to break fast neither the food. we had to starve ourself with the rojak & satays since these two foods are ready. and there you go 7.30pm, none came to serve anything to us. and so, i went to check and found out that the guy who took our orders did not key in our order. wth! the food came within 10-15mins after i went to complain to the guy who took our order. pfft. but anyway, i had beef bolognese. it was nice but alot of diced onions. hahaha!

alright, lets drop that part. next is about my blogshop. well im happy that everything went fine. i actually decided not to reply any emails about the lens until 13th. but within 1 day the inbox was full with 20+ of unread messages. so i went to reply all the message. i felt like not organize if the email inbox is full of unread messages. hahaha.

what else yeah.. hmms, actually now i have not yet been sleeping since 3am came back from geylang. and im off to sleep now after this. will upload new music after raya ok. for the time being, let me put us some hari raya song as the first track \\// =D

lastly, i wanna wish every of my muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya!



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