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Woots! yes like finally im back blogging again after so long.. i know some are waiting for my updates. sorry for the very belated update. been very hectic these week..

anyway, today i came school late. supposed to be in by 12pm but i reached at 3pm. power! hey, funny thing today happened in girls toilet. i made ezum face went priceless!! hahahahha! wooohooo!! and im happy for that to see her face D: ahha! i made her shock actually after she went out of the cubical. hahahahahaha. that's the best part i love to do, make ppl shock! hahaahh! zum, next time u jump at ceiling. ahhahaha!

anyway, after school today i went to amk. thought of collecting my hp but the shop was outstation. therefore i had to wait another 2 days. pfft. so decided to have my dinner with zen at pizzahut amk. wooohooo!! finally i had bolognese after so long i didnt eat it.. pizza... yummy~ hehe. and the garlic bread.. the taste are always the same :D

after dinner took cab from amk hub and went to aljunied bakery shop to buy something that was told from mum. done, took bus and off home. tiring.

next week holiday! yay!! 2 weeks! woooohooo!!! :D zum, dnt forget to plan for the meet-up for the project ;D


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