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hey hey! im going to update now. wooohoo!!

friday was a blast & awesome day for me. went out with old mates with some other new friends too! its been so years since we last meet from the gathering years back! woohoo! and now we're meeting again! excited ^__^

anyway, sincere apology for being late. gotta helped my mum for a while cos there's guests coming over soon.. meeting supposed to be at 2pm. but i reached at 315pm. hahaha! really sorry guys. i came with farridon and my little bro, taqin. first house we went to is kid's house! hahah! =D there were 11 people in the first place. after awhile, it became 18 people altogether. and that was tons alot of people for jalan raya!

1st house, 18 people ;D

the next house, at jurong, i didnt getta attend cos i had to send my little bro home. farridon went off. left me & zen. we waited for my dad to fetch taqin at hougang int. after all done, its almost going 6pm already. well that sucks. little time. and i met them all at yewtee. 2nd house was may house. it was evening already by the time we reached her house. 3rd house was babyface house. and the last was dyra's relatives house if im not mistaken. im unsure whose house actually for that last house. haha! but it happened to be this little girl's birthday. i called her boo. if yall watch monster inc before, then you know what im talking about. hahah. she's so cute!

myself & baby.

last house we went off was almost close to 1130pm.. and lucky there's cab around the blk cos i was about to go home but wondering where to get cab from. they're going to ijah's house, but apparently, i was unable to make it due to the time. sad. the last house they went to was at clementi. looking forward to go but time doesnt allow me to. :(

but overall, i had a good day with them! :D nice knowing the new ones! hehe. and yeah, hang out soon somedays alright. nice crowd yesterday! i like it! hehe.

to view pictures of yesterday, click this album. thank you.


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