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WOOOHOOO!! im inlove with my handphone! :D

went to add my handphone skin. wooohooo!! i like it! alot! pinky red! hehe. awesome colours! pretty design.

anyway, tmrw i'll be off to meet my group mate to complete the project @ national library. idk what time it will end but hopefully it'll end earlier.

i went to surf net and landed on stomp page. omg! the new inside there were all, randoms! some are pathetic, some are awesome. more to describe.

sigh, looks like i've nothing to share about other than my handphone. im sleepy now. and pokes on facebook are never ending. every hour, minutes, poke. yes, and they called me pokerface. nice one! im not the one who starts the poke first, but whoeva who start if off first, face the never ending poke with me. ahhahahaha.

oh yeah! about my blogshop. whoeva who are free, or have time, pls go to my blogshop. vote on which spree is better. cos im gonna open clothing spree in my blogshop and im unsure which interest you. so vote for which ever spree yall like ok. at the end of probably next month, or mid of the month, the most votes on the spree will be selected to open on my blogshop. have fun!

takecare readers! :D & goodnight!


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