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hi there, its been almost close to 1 week i have not yet been updating my blog. sorry. been busy with sorting out appointment with clients.

hari raya also going to 1 week and more invitations for jalan raya are lining up & i gotta space myself so i can enjoy my own leisure time with friends :D & finally, i've been attending school constantly. otherwise, i wont be due to the tight schedule of my day.

so tomorrow im gonna go off distributing lenses to customers. after preorder #5 for this month, i think im not gonna sell lenses but im gonna take bulk orders. & i will order take orders for serious buyers & not those like submitted order form and just went MIA. freaking sick of those morons. wasting my time.. and im going to start selling apparels instead.. ladies & guys apparels.. wooohooo!!

whats more to update.. hmms, sunday im free to go out for jalan raya. but i'll only accept invitation to those who invited me in the first place ^__^ so make your appointment with me & i'll consider the time alright. tmrw my dear cousin going to come my house for raya. that 10 years old boy named Natri. sadly, this year his coming with his dad and without his mum. well, hoping i could meet him tmrw cos i'll be out until 7pm.

oh yeah! i dont understand why there are still people arguing in my formspring with another party. i thought at first the qns are meant for me, but actually not. it was meant for another party. hahahahha. funny how i discovered that the qns was a convo continued from the bottom. LMAO.


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