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this is farridon & myself :D

Hey! Its 3rd day of raya already. how yall doing? like it the raya?? :D for me, i do like it, alot. first day my family went out rather late timing.. we went out almost in the evening due to the time consumed by my aunt.. we planned to go out in the afternoon, but she called & said shes coming at 2pm.. we waited and she gave us a call again, the time dragged till 4.. in the end she came at 5+ i guess.. so we had to stay house till almost 7 after they went off.

first house, first day, my family went to my grandmother house at marine parade.. we were there not long but for 1hr then off to woodland to my mum's cousin house.. slacked there till 130am. power! :D -boy, your jamming room is awesome bro!

as for yesterday, my family didnt go anywhere since my mum's side is coming over.. stayed house entire day.. had a good day actually with them.. and finally pictures taken after for so long we didnt meet.. hope to meet yall again! :D & hoping we can jalan raya together yeah?

alright, & today, my family will be off jalan raya. wooohoo!! awesome! we'll be going to many houses. yeah!

yall know now blogger cannot upload pictures for too many.. i did tried to upload and all previous post was not shown.. for those who wish to view my hari raya album, i've uploaded it onto my facebook, those friends who got my fb, yall can view it directly there, and for those who doesnt have, yall can click this link.

Selamat Hari Raya! tomorrow school already~


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