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today is 101010. yeah. nice date. some says its a Lucky date aso(and so on).. anyway, today i had a great day. and rather a clumsy day for me.

well supposedly today i need to buy something for my business stuff. i went with zen & my lil brother, taqin. we took cab to AMK to pass lenses to my client. and then we went off for dinner. deciding where to eat. haha. at last, we decided to have dinner @ KFC :D had dinner over there & i tried the new meal in kfc. nice man the roast chicken! ^__^ around evening, raihan drop by my table to collect her lens. like 1 hr later, fadly came to meet me. had a chat with him until around 8pm, went off together with zen & taqin.

we went to take MRT to orchard. thinking that the stuff that i was about to buy is available. and guess what. i was so freaking rushing to ps, and found out the thing that i want to buy no stock. wth! thought of taking train to sengkang but nvm. took cab instead. i just knew waiting for cab at ps cab stand wasnt easy. had to book cab -.- took the cab from ps to sengkang.. and again, i told the cab driver to go rivervale plaza. surprisingly the cab driver got no idea where the plaza was. wth. and zen had to redirect the driver. it was my first time also seeing cab driver had to ask outsider near bus stop =______________= no point being a cab driver. freaking wasted my 20 bucks for cab! thanks to zen for redirecting the cab driver.

reached rivervale plaza, tried to find the shop, but didnt manage to find. decided to call my brother, and there you go, told him to research and he said the outlet is at rivervale mall. that part, i was like, shuckkkkkkkkkkkkkx! wrong place. lucky rivervale mall was just nearby.. walked all the way to the mall and finally. good that the shop not yet close, lucky!~ bought stuff and off home by cab.



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