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Its been quite awhile since i last blogging.. miss blogging.. last time i always update my blog.. like daily? but now, i've been busy managing my blogshop and have no time for blogging. anyway, appreciate those whom have been waiting for my updates. and i guess i find it hard to change blogskin due to my daily hectic routine.

Well, this morning, i have something to share..

nice right?

yeah, i believe things change. seen many of my close friends have changed. alot. & for now, i appreciate what i have. and thanks to my dear affrina & nazli for giving me daily smile. thanks alot for the text messages! day & night & those phone calls. aff, i miss the calls we had! hang out soon babe! & i cnt wait to see us using the same juicy bag!♥


this reminds me of double chocolate in mcd! hahaha. i guess by the end of this year, my body gonna be full of fats! hahaha. just see, everyday i bought double chocolate. cos its nice!

ahah! funny right? & its true anyway.. everyone did that & even myself. asking anyone to shut up when there's a call from my mum. LMFAO.

this is definately right man!


ok, im done. & im off to meet customers today to distribute their lenses which has arrived. takecare readers. & thanks for reading!


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