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had a great day today. woohoo, photoshoot was great! wish to have it again :D i like!

came school awhile to meet ezum and took train to Cityhall. photoshoot at DeCharacter was damn awesome! appointment at 3pm, thought that nazli & zen came atleast half an hour later.. but in the end, Both was late. wth. haha. nazli came when i was selecting my picture and zen came 15mins after nazli came =______= but i just love the photoshooting session. with the fan at the bottom, and the lights shinning on, woooh, seriously, i wished i could have own room with studio in it. confirm fun, right?

anyway, after photoshoot, drop mcd and had our lunch there around 530pm.. then we went to bugis to search new footwear for me. cos the hook for my left heel broke. hahaha. i guess the user was violence until the metal hook can broke off XD Lol. lucky it didnt came off when i was making my way there.. alright, killed time at bugis just to search for my new footwear was unexpected. i didnt know i took that long just to find a pair of new footwear that matches my taste. ahhaha. thanks for accompanying me though ;D i also went to put on skin to my new hp, the one my dad gave me, Nokia C6.

felt so great wearing new footwear.. we walked up to the fortcanning.. thought of going esplanade but forget it.. cos its almost dark, evening some more.. so nvm. we went to fortcanning and had photoshoot there. ^__^ thanks to zen for being our photographer for the day. around 8pm, we went to bugis again to collect my hp. it turns out nice man!!

and like always, i got fascinated over it at first..

yup, made skin for the entire phone. after i collected my hp, took cab home with zen. sorry nazli didnt tag you along to take the cab with us, cos we dnt know that the cab passed by the road around kkh hospital..

i'll upload the photoshoot pictures on facebook someday when i have time ok. Takecare!


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