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"Suck me down, it's time to rock and roll
Let's hit the bar, let's lose control"

i didnt attend school today. again. yesterday already i missed the entire day of lesson. was otw to school and mum called me to go home. ftw. thanks to mum for all, cos she expected me to send me lil brother to sch later afternoon today at 12pm, and i think, if i would wanna come to school, i guess by the time i reach also class ended. cos today my class end at 1pm. but anyway, im meeting my kunnies soon ^___^ after school. woohoo, can't wait to wear my pinky2 pretty2 biggie lenses. hahaha!

at 2pm meeting nazli @ Cityhall. see you bestie! & i love my current song in my blog. falling in love with the song you know.. ok, i've not been updating my fb for 2 days. wonders what will it be after 2 days of not updating.

ok reader, good morning anyway (when this line supposed to be on top).. but wtv. and im going off now. just hoping im able to update my blog later night about my photoshoot today. =D

takecare! cheers~


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