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had a great day today. i missed the morning class again. haha. supposed to be in sch by 9am.. but then i was freaking late and woke up at 9.30am. awesome!

reached sch around 1230pm.. slacked till the next class at 2pm.. theory class until 4pm. had lunch. and im addicted to the strawberry banana milk shake! funny. everyday buy the drink. went for SW around 4.30pm.. after sch end at 530pm, waited for friends..

after school drop to sch mate house with classmate. omg, her house, nice! :D i like! and her brother, funny! hahahaha. slacked at her house until evening while waiting for zen to come and fetch me at her house. thanks for the food babe! :D hehe. nice~ just exactly like how my mum cooks!

left her house together with ezum at 8pm.. sakinah and her friend went off earlier around 6+.. ezum took another bus to int and i took another bus home. lucky got direct bus home ^___^

im feeling freaking sleepy now.. takecare.

nice right?? hehe.

i like this!

sakinah, myself & ezum :D


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