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just now i dnt have time to update blog.. sorry.

anyway, just now after school zen fetched me. took train to paya lebar & had dinner at Pastamania, again. hehe. i loooove the beef bolognese. like always. thought of trying the pasta the one that ezum's had but nvm. afraid too cheesy will make me taste cheesier. haha! after dinner we went to this fashion and window shopping. yes, this time really window shopping.. unlike yesterday.. window shopping and it brings me to, NETS. ahaks. yeah. bought stuffs at Dano, habourfront centre there.. the shop got pretty nice clothing. i like.

ok now its a.m already. lemme tell yall something.. just now that idiot, who called me quite long time ago, who craves for sex, called me. again =_______= wtf @#@$@%. yea. its good that i was otp with my bestie nazli.. cos that time, like few weeks back, when this mtf moron called me, he just say my name and i said yes, thought who, suddenly when he was like moaning to request me for sex, i just kept quiet.. in my head, let's fool you this time. hahaha. and he actually went like noob ppl otp saying hello few times and waited.. i was already trying hard not to giggle cos that time i was busy otc, like always.. and then, he went waiting for me.. but idc. end up, less than 5mins, he hung up the call and didnt return the call back again.. until Just now~ there he go again.. the min i saw "withheld" on my screen, i answered and waited for the caller to say smtg. so it makes me easier to recognise who.. when i heard his voice, wooohoo, i didnt say a thing but i just joined him to my call. made him conference.. he didnt knw about it. i was freaking happy to see him like one noob child otp saying hello over and over again. thank god nazli didnt say anything.. he went hello and hello and waited and hung up the call. serve you right! noob person should be treated like noob action ;D

ok, see this picture below. like wtf right? this qns again.. i dnt understand why. i got so annoyed and i replied that way. somehow i think my answer might be right. well actually i was laughing while answering this qns..

yall didnt thought of answering that right? haha. yes, tisha has alot of crap in mind. so if sometimes when i find things crap, let's crap together with me :D it'll be great like you have fun at escape.

right, its almost 2am now. takecare and goodnight.


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