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yay! back to blogging again.. let's talk about today. im excited to share now. hahaha.

today i came school at 1130am.. class started at 8am and yes, i was late again. i was so confident and thought that the first lesson was my form teacher class. therefore i actually went to text him informing him that im on my way to school.. in the end, when i reached sch, went in class, omg! then i realised it wasnt his class. ahahaha. it was another teacher's class. ok, that was really embarrassing! texting the wrong teacher. so nxt time, a lesson for me, double check time table before texting any teacher. haha

alright, class ended at 1pm, went to canteen and had lunch.. slacked till 2pm. went off with rizal & ezum. rizal went off first, i accompanied ezum to bus stop and then im off to circle line macpherson to paya lebar mrt. omg, this part really funny. ok, i reached the paya lebar mrt already. confident, after i took escalator to the platform, thought that i'd be taking the right train towards tamp. in the end, when i was in the train, i saw the digital display that the train will be terminating at joo koon. omfg! then i realised i took the wrong train. hahahaha. supposed to take train towards pasir ris.. but i took the other train. awesome! texted ezum about it, and i was giggling all the way back to tamp. damn you ezum! i was freaking smiling while texting you ok! XD and so, of course i dropped at aljunied and took the other train to tamp. reached tamp gave lens to client and off to take train again to pasir ris. went to ehub to collect my nebo card. yes! finally man! got the card! cnt wait to go the Escape The Halloween nxt week! ;D

im done with everything, took train again and change circle line off to serangoon and met zen @ boon keng mrt. had to go ite balestier to submit some doc.. otw to ite balestier, i was wondering how the hell these balestier student survive their live going sch everyday.. had to walk quite distance from the mrt stn.. after ite balestier, took cab off to tanjong katong complex, bought stuff for mum and took train to habourfront. met nazli and had dinner together @ the coffee shop near the habourfront centre. see, im deadly craving for the chicken rice black pepper, and took the effort to drop habourfront just to eat the chicken rice. haha. cos its nice man!~

after dinner, thought of just window shopping while passing by the shops at habourfront centre.. suddenly one of these blouse captures my attention. so no more delay, i went to purchase it. tried it already just now went i came home, nice! ok, after that, walk awhile to vivo.. and slacked awhile at the rooftop. around 830 went off. i was stunt when i saw the queue at the cab stand. darn alot of ppl! had to book cab -.- nazli went off and took bus home. i took cab home with zen.

ok, that's all for today. done updating. and im off changing my blogskin soon. ;D takecare & goodnight reader!


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