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yes, this is what i called absolutely right! :D

ok, this time i've nothing to update. finally got a date for my personal makeover & photoshoot. thanks zen for helping me to decide on the apparels to wear ^___^ booked the studio & it'll be on nxt tues, 3pm. wooohoo, nazli is coming along with us ;D hey, didnt expect you would want to skip school just to see my photoshoot. =D

can't wait for it. wait for tomorrow update.. today nothing much to update. yesterday already i slept at 5am. power. and woke up at 11am. took cab to school. lucky i manage to come before the test end.

im off to sleep early today. nazli, don't forget to call me. hahaha. everyday otp with you, i felt that you're the best bro! i like it! right, takecare readers.


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