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yeah! got a great day today :D wooohooo! nice man!~

well actually i got nothing up for today.. just giving out lens to my customers around my area.. after i got back home, got a random call from nazli and he said he was alone that time at town and willing to drop hougang to meet me. i was like omgomg. hahaha. like u know, for sudden someone wishing to go to your area just to meet you from far. furthermore he stays at west area.. and yes, i agreed to meet him since i also left 1 more client to meet to pass the lenses..

around 640pm i went out, passed the lens to customer and make my way to heartland to meet him.. slacked around the mall and bought some frappe for dinner. ahahaha. we had frappe for dinner! and he bought himself a burger.. for me, i didnt buy anything.. cos i had mine few hours back with my little brother taqin earlier around 4+..

around 8pm, we then took bus to hgm. hey thanks for accompanying me to buy those sex bands! :D and make sure you don't freaking lose it, else i'll chop off your head. haha, kidding. after those stuffs that i bought, we went to kfc and off home by cab. ;D

thanks for sending me to my house! and yeah, next time come my house again to slack ^__^ and awesome dinner you got there at my house. hahahah! see you again nxt tuesday. rmbr ok? :D

-i love my bestfriend ♥


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