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wooohooo!! its october already! so fast right??? blog blog.. now its october.. new month already. & soon, hari raya also going to end.. & my school holiday, 1 week have passed.

anyway, yesterday i went to salon for hair treatment. i've never tried before, and after i had one yesterday, omg! the feeling was super nice man! the head message, its like you always wished for it to have daily on you! hahahaha. it was so nice! i didnt reborn my hair, or cut or perm it again. i just did hair treatment. =D i've never reborn my hair cos i guess my hair texture is straight enough. i did permed my hair before, twice. but at the hair end. i didnt permed it the entire head cos i think, the next time when i cut my hair end, its = to im throwing my curls off. and so, that time i decided to perm my hair at the bottom only. but now its gone already cos i've cut it off. now left is just my natural hair.. straight wavy..

im not able to post pictures right now due to my cable, i went to lend daffi. he said he's going to return me the following day after he borrowed from me, but seems like he didnt. grrr~ make sure u return to me asap. i want my cable!! haha.

and the night, i was busy otp with my very very long time friend, nazli. wooohoo! well, at first in the noon he called to ask me about troubleshooting his computer. and so i did went to help. and the evening, we got in touch back again. yay! im so loving it! hehe. like wooh, after so long.. im supposed to meet him today in the morning but then it was postponed due to "im smart and i woke up late". ahhahaha. which is true. i slept at 6am just now.. cos i was darn busy packing the lens which have arrived and needed to be posted tmrw.

tmrw im meeting nazli, together with zen. & bdw, lenses has arrived. i'll post the pictures of the 700+ pieces of lens soon ok. =D

ok, im done with blogging. to whoeva who tag me, thank you. & to passerby who tags my blog about yana again, what i can say, that girl never ending being my clone. hahaha! its a laughing matter to me when i read what you tag me passerby XD

takecare readers! \\//


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