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yeah! at last man i managed to take pictures with the halloween characters! ^__^

had lunch @ kfc hougang point. after that we took bus to tamp. friday always been a day for me to pass lenses to my customers. felt so lucky that there's not much customers to meet on that day. the last place for us to pass lenses to customer is Bedok. after bedok we took train to pasir ris.. in the train i was hoping so that the heavy rain stops.. and yes! it did stopped. reached pasir ris, we had dinner at burger king. yup, eat again. -my request. hahaha. missed the bbq turkey bacon from bk. after dinner, then we walked to escape theme park.

yeah! saw the people in costumes.. funny part i spot was that i was giggling the moment i saw some ghost in costumes were wearing sneaker. ahhaha! but well, i had lotsa fun taking pictures with them. some are even hot! really2. got this one guy, skinny, but i find him hot XD thought of going in, since i got free entry.. but nvm. after i took a peek from outside, i dnt think there's a need for me to go in.. maybe nxt time..

to view the pictures, click here. have fun viewing! :D


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