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Alright, i stayed home the entire day. thinking of something to do, and wala! got my blogskin done. hahaha. its just a difference in the colours.. idk which is better but to me this new blogskin colour look is better..

wooohoo, cnt wait for tuesday!

anyway, the lens just arrived yesterday.. i have not yet pack the lenses.. tired. probably tomorrow. and, wtf, i got darn excited to see the lens i bought. its a new lens, 15MM. wooohoo!! serious2, its freaking nice!! until it drifted me to take a picture of it.

And the model is WT-A07

nice right?? omfg. cnt wait to wear it on tues. ^___^ wonder how it'll look like. i'll take some shot of my picture with this lens and post it someday alright.

tomorrow schooooooooooooooooolsssssssz.


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