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Yay!! Im gonna love this CD Album!! =D Thanks for accompanying me ezum to collect my photoshoot pictures. =D

This is ViviGo. It was delivered to me in the morning..

and this is the barcode for the EMS tracking number..

im feeling so happy right now! like finally the vivigo lenses has arrive ^__^ shouldnt have take supply from middleman. not good. lucky that the vivigo admin can process this order asap.

alright guys, sorry for not updating. i was sick. had flu since yesterday morning and that night, which was yesterday, it leads me to have fever. :( and thanks to ezum & nico for accompanying my night by talking on the phone with me. heheh. nico, thanks for the concern. i appreciate that. supposed to go school today, got phase test. but because my head was spinning like hell, so didnt attend school and rest home.

i can't update so much. my flu are getting better but idk why, my head already feeling headache right now. even facing the comp can make my head go dizzy. ~__~ ok, takecare. gotta rest now. bye!


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