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ok, this gonna be so random for me to update.. I had nothing to do right now and its raining here.. What's more, im updating this blog via my hp right now. Nice~ so convenient..

I miss my bf. Meeting him soon.. Yes! Hmm, let's talk about food.. I had my lunch just now at home with my mum.. I ate rice with ayam masak merah.. Yummy.. Always nice.. Eh seriously, suddenly i have nothing to update when i use hp. Ahah! Funny.. Atleast if i used desktop, nicer.. -like duh. Hahas.

So fast nov going to end soon.. Oh yes, i haven update about yesterday.. K, finally have smtg in mind to update..

Yesterday i met my clients to pass their lenses at 3pm, tamp.. After tamp i had no where to go, decided to meet nico.. Nico is my ex.. Yall can find him in my fb.. K, so i met him at cwp.. Bought food.. Walking around cwp.. Surprisingly that was our 2nd time walking together at cwp.. Funny isnt it? Yeah i know.. Cos he doesnt go out when we were in r/s before.. So we just walked around the mall until around 6pm, he went off. I took cab to fetch zen.. After fetching zen, accompanied him to put his bag and off to my home. Tireeeeeeedddddddddd.

Alright, till here. Im done updating, continue soon.. Takecare!


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