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finally its Sunday! i really can't wait to meet you again zen after almost a week of not meeting you :( well, im practically sad at the moment cos i can't get to meet you like every single day.. but its ok, i will still wait until you're done with this NS.

hello guys, anyway, all lenses for my orders has arrived yesterday. im going to send out the parcel tomorrow. so by tuesday all my customers should receive their lens. and as you guys can noticed, yes i did went to change my blogskin by adding another layer on the left side. its not easy right. i just took like the whole night yesterday to complete the new skin and this afternoon to get it publish.

tuesday i have test coming my way and 7 Dec i have my exam. so fast isnt it? i felt like i haven't got enough time of studying.. ok, im done. i want to eat my chicken rice black pepper now. want some? hahaha, meet me. =P but chicken rice black pepper not bad you know.. my favourite chicken rice after all. heheh.

gotta go now, takecare & come again for another update from me. bye!


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