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hello! i know i haven been updating my blog.. lazy. sorry yeah. and yes, im not asleep yet.. look at the time im posting.. almost 5am.. nice~

anyway, i was killing my night on the phone with nazli.. and then it became conference call when fahmi joined us.. after they both left, i went on the phone with my another friend, tasha.. and when everyone ended their call, i went surfing the net.. and found this!

cool right this singer's piercing? i've got one. not kidding.

yup, i've got myself the same position of her piercing.. hehe. well, it was actually my birthmark and it happens to look like the piercing mark above. haha. i only left to pierce it, but didnt intend to.. try to browse my pictures and yall can see it. some may not notice or realise it, but after this, yall will eventually notice of this. =D

ok, im calling zen now.. trying hard to disturb him in camp and expecting him to answer my call right now.. haha! tried calling since 430 but he didnt answer. wonder how many missed calls he got from me. ^__^


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