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imy zen.. picture taken after my photoshoot

this song, is your favourite song, i don't favourite this song before, and you said, it holds plenty of meaning about life and it also reminds you of me. i gotta admit Now, i love this music and it reminds me of You.

oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, 1 year, 10 months to go for him to finish his NS.. shucks! thats long, but then again, time flies, so i shouldn't worry that much.. but then, I Miss Him Alot :'( thanks guys for making my day & helping me killing my time. wasn't easy for me to go through this as i met zen daily, he fetched me from school without fail, for every single day, zen, zen and zen.. had myself a guitar currently, he gave me but im not interested to learn, therefore, he gave my brother instead. and i don't think i would wanna destroy it. guess i Might be learning to play his guitar when i have time. serious shit, i miss zen..

anyway, i had a great time with schoolmate and classmates just now.. we went for a dinner at Pastamania at Paya Lebar. hope yall like my treat^_^ after dinner we spent time taking few pictures. didnt know they're fun to be with also. ezum was with me. like always~ hahaha. done with taking pictures, we all went separate ways, except for me & ezum, we went slacking there for a moment and took off around 8pm. done. but i gotta say, Thanks alot for the time guys!

yesterday, i met my old friend, aini. dropped her house, and i just realised, the last time i came to her house was when i was 16.. and now, 2 years later.. that was fast. the last time i knew her when we're 9.. pri 3.. but look now, 9 years down the road.. that was really fast! wonder what would life become 10 years down the road..

can't wait to meet zen coming tuesday.. tisha kill time tisha kill time before the time kills you. hahaha!


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