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Yeah! Im happy! ^__^

hey guys! im back again blogging happy things =D cheers! wanna know why? cossssssssssss, my bf is back from the camp already.. and he'll be back in on sunday evening..

just now i came to school, surprisingly i didnt know today got phase test. but lucky i came 30mins after the test has started.. class ended around 230.. didnt go for the 2nd class.. had lunch first in school then took bus to amk and took train to cck. wooooo, tisha will be going to cck very often soon. be happy west side friends! =D haha! he'll be having confinement until 19th.. after that, the schedule will be as usual.. every friday can book out. wooohoo! lucky friday no class.. and i guess i can set meet-up for my blogshop at cck. nice~

funny part was that, after i reached cck, i went the whole round.. idk for what.. and then i dropped to Lot1. hahaha. window shopping there while waiting for zen to come.. omg, i didnt know his trainer was sooooooo like wtf. always purposely dragged ppl time.. he's supposed to book out at 430, it was dragged until 530 and i had to wait for him for another 1 hour. grrr. nvm, i was happy though when i saw his face ^__^ like finally eh!

tmrw will be out with him.. and probably saturday.. idk.. depends. he's sleeping over today, and it'll be great it this happen for every week. hahaha. ok. just now when i was at cck otw to meet zen, i saw this small shop.. thought of buying the food there later after i met zen, but it turns out worst. im lost! hahaahha. going the whole round just to search for the shop and knowing the shop is just infront of the MRT =____________________= and i went Lol.

and bdw, yesterday got cca fair, freaking bored! met fahmi & nico after few rounds of browsing the offer of career at ite simei.. took bus to tamp with fahmi & nico.. went separate ways, except myself & fahmi.. we both took the same bus.. he dropped and off home, i dropped till end, at pgl int. took bus to serangoon int, pass customer lens and off home.

alright, that's all for today update. takecare yall! \\m//

-i've changed my music genre cos im already fine now. hehe.


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