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hey guys! now its already Sunday! omgossshh. and coming up, 2 more days to my 16th monthsary with boyfriend. zen i love you! =D i have like alot of things going on with me these days.. well, let me share it here.. but before that, let's see all the pictures i've posted here first alright. since i've already changed the skin of my blog recently..
wanna know why? cos i don't really understand why some ppl are doing this to me..
yes, have heart. none is forcing you to love me~
see that?! so can't you just get your ass off with somebody else?, and not me?
perfect words for you.
of course i do love friday. every friday i always meet my boyfriend ^__^
yeah man, get over it.

and i bet yall can predict its about someone. yes, all the pictures above are referring to someone.

ok, it goes like this.. on random days, this guy suddenly appeared in my msn. idk for what hell reason, but in the first place, i thought his intentions was good at first. but then again, i was wrooooonnnnggg. it really drools me to hell. really. and this guy, has so much things related to zen. which means they're all from old school mates. =__=

first, how could you trust someone whom you have never talk before or even know anything about that person. and he told me he was like kinda "inlove" or "admires" me perhaps for almost a year. sigh~ wonder why do he needs to be this way.. i know he may have problems with zen and their old school mates, but that was freaking 3 yrs back. and why the hell he gotta put the revenge on zen after all. its an old school history~

there's so much things that i wish to share it here but then, it'll be a mess if i would to throw every words on this post.

i also think its unnecessary for him to waste his time chatting with me. if you think taking me from zen and to get a girl like me is as simple like you snap your finger, then you are definitely wrong. and you may think that you're smarter etc and so on, but trust me, you'll lose over Me. you can win other girl, but not this girl. ;D

take your time to have the effort or dreaming of having me perhaps, but that'll never happen. to me, you suck, and i hate you. i love my boyfriend more. he's way 10x better than you. and about the last night, it makes me think that you just have smtg on with your old friends..

tsk, Moron!


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