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ooooOOOh, finally its december!

hey hey! yes, i changed blogskin again. but i can't seems to put up my live feed. but who cares. i do, but its ok. dont think i need it. so anyone can stalk anytime you want. feel free (:

eh, i love my blog music. what's more. 7th Dec my exam. i still have more to catch up. oh no~ this is called shucks! serious2. last minute then want to study. power!~ in school these days been good as usual. and finally my project has finally done. so i should show this face:


yeah. see that? =D so now left is just to do hardcore revising. alright, its 538am in the morning. i haven sleep yet since just now. surprising later only meet like less than 4 customers. lucky! meaning tmrw im rather having more free time. gonna meet nico awhile. then as usual imma take cab off to fetch zen at home team academy.

im sleepy now. what im thinking now, my site will only look good in lappy. hahahah. i mean, any lappy, it'll look good. but the layout wont be that good in desktop resolution. sad. but its ok. all yall want is to read my post right? so why bother the layout so much. hahaha.

ok, its december. im gonna have alot and tons of updates this month. next month jan 2011! so fast, yes i know.

reborn guys shouldnt know me. im tired of taking my brain out to leak for ideas on how to teach them. =D but then again, have luck knowing me. it wont be as easy cos im taken. unless im single. even though If i am, dont think so it'll make any guys job easier to get me ;D dont let tisha overpower your brain ^__^

takecare! \\//out


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