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Im not updating anything today, but just a quick update.

Just that just now i went to give out lenses to my customers and when i had my lunch, it turns out so great that i bumped into Ezum. ahahaha. how good can that be. every week we'll confirm meet each other. and i find that funny. hahaha!

another thing, u know i have been selling another type of lens called ViviGo right. yes, yesterday i went to track the parcel. awesome! it was sent to another person in Singapore. bloody hell. lucky they managed to contact the person and i've also contacted the person who took the parcel. and tmrw i gotta take that parcel at Sembawang. idiot. pay so much still need to do self collection. tsk.

alright, im so excited now cos zen will be having half day tmrw. he'll be out around 1130am.. gonna book cab tmrw morning and off to HTA to fetch him then meet customers at 3 places on the west side. and after that im done. yay!! =D free time with zen and im gonna celebrate my xmas with my boyfriend. ^__^


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