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yeah, im feeling so happy with my life now ^__^

yes i know it has been days since i last updated my blog. my days had been so hectic since the last update. on friday, i was late to fetch zen. he was out at 1140. and im actually supposed to be there by 1130 by cab with farridon. but we both were late. hahah! sorry zen~ we met him at cck mrt stn instead. met my clients, pass them the lenses and took train off to woodland meet client. and the next stop, sembawang =___= u know why. rmbr about the parcel? ViviGo? yea. it was sent to another person instead of me. and i had to damn collect that parcel at sembawang. wth. lucky i was around the north west side.. otherwise i wouldnt think i might be able to drop there.

we then took train to amk. then took cab to zen's home. he got his stuffs done and dress himself up for out with us since friday he got half day book out. while he went home to get ready, i and farridon went to mcd at hougang point. hungryyyyyyyyy, eat. met zen at mcd. we took cab to cityhall and train to orchard to meet zuhayr..

yes, this is Zuhayr.

i met him at 5pm as planned. and we all had a great talk together at that time. settled things out etc2~ we're done at around 730pm. had talks at BK Ion. hahaha. and that was long. hope it was a lesson for him after all~

we went separate way. he went his own way cos he'd rather preferred to have time alone.. so myself, farridon and zen had day out. walking around at orchard and took train to dhoby ghaut. thought of going Nex, but nvm. we took train to little india and walked to bugis junction. nothing we buy from there. took cab and off to Nex. bought shoes and window shopping there.. went to NTUC and shopping until almost 1130pm. hahaha. when go home part i dont like. the queue for cab was freaking long! in the end we had to book cab =__=

got home at 1230am almost close to 1am. ^__^ nice day!

so on satuday, we decided to go out and celebrate christmas together. zen drop my blk, myself and farridon went to meet him too. we all took cab and dropped at downtown. tagged sulaiman along to go escape.

we all were there since 330pm. but bcos we waited for sulaiman, it became until 4pm+. nvm. next thing, the moment we're in, got so excited. first thing we played was the Go Kart. nice waiting time. it took us like 2hrs just to play that car =__= wth. its because of rain. we waited at 430, and we got to play like around 625.. we didnt intend to leave since we're in the middle of the queue. and yes we had lotsa fun at escape. done with those, we went to BK. surprisingly the BK doesnt have all food like they don't have taro pie. cos i did asked for it and they said they don't have it. even fries. wth~ and what's more, no meal. only burger =__= so i had bbq turkey bacon burger. niceeeee =D with 6pieces of chicken. zen, sulaiman and farridon and ice creams and chicken too.

sulaiman went off. he didnt follow us to go wild wild wet. i thought wild wild wet closes at 7pm. surprisingly the staff said it closes at 10pm. but those playground are close except for jacuzzi and tsunami. hahahah. sad though. just went in all playground close :( cannot play. seriously. i was so sad. and i felt like going again this coming week.

we just had fun in the Shiok River and jacuzzi. (: went off at 8pm, took cab off home. tireeeed. & thats why i didnt update my blog.


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