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woohoo! yeah man im finally back again updating my blog. =D cos u know why i nver update? bcos, im busy. many things to settle like handling my blogshop orders etc2~ but nvm, imma recap everything here ;D

k, on saturday, which was yesterday, i had greaaaaaat time! yup, with zen. heheh. wait, before that, on that friday, i did took pictures with him, there's more recent pictures of me & him to come, but then im lazy to upload. so here's some pictures that i managed to compile into one. =D

yeah man! i like this alot! ^__^

and down below, kinda funny picture, but it was supposed to be uploaded in my blog for long time ago, but i forget. =\ it was about the food that i ate when i was freaking hungry. that day also happened to be my kinda eating day since i was at home rotting, so ate something. don't be surprised. and mind the plate. it was my favourite plate ok. haha! i know it may look so childish but so what. hahaha. i've been using this plate since i was 6! ^_^

i had this for my lunch. nice~~~ i want it again!!

moving on, now come to saturday update. wooohoo. shortcut yeah i update ; fast game XD k, i did said that imma post picture about when i get my lappy skin right. and now tada! so happy for it! a gift from zen. iloveyou! hehs. thanks alot! it was a nice choice picked by you. cos there was so many designs to choose from and i was so excited and felt like picking everything. LMFAO. and i had dinner at plaza singapura ljs. wooohooo. nice~

anyway, i made my lappy skin at GMask. i guess my dear boyfriend so good that he doesn't mind spending over almost close to 70 bucks just for my top lappy lid skin.. thanks alooooooooooot!

my collection items that has skinned on it..

alright, im done. and bdw, i was kinda shock, unexpected. bcos i realised i got like 230 pairs of lenses orders in a week. thats freaking alot!

kk, that's all for this post. and takecare guys! im off to sleep. bye~~~


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