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yeah man! today im gonna do a proper update as said in yesterday post. gonna be long you know.. i know its going to be long and that's why im telling you in advance just incase u know, ure lazy to read long post.. reading my blog its already considered like reading my life's novel ^__^

ok. first, imma talk about last week stuffs. last saturday, bf been so good. he treated my family mcd. wooohooo, i like. cos i was given a choice to pick anything i wish to eat. yeah! =D loving it. then followed by my other family members.. everyone got their meal including zen~ he spent like almost close to 60 bucks for that. nice~

had a late dinner with him at my house.. omg, its like the best boyfriend i've ever had.

see. i was so excited until i kept the receipt and took a picture of it..

saturday day out with him.. he then stayed overnight at my house on sunday. that saturday he went home by cab.. around 4am i guess.. yeah. he took off around that time and the next day he came my house again and stayed until monday. wooooohhhh ^__^

and sunday i was at home whole day.. on monday i spent my time with him.. and also tuesday. how i wish if every week he needs to only book in on wednesday. and Not Sunday.

anyway, tuesday day out with him was awesome! we actually got no where to go.. no idea in mind, but random plan. we decided to dine @ Seoul Garden Marina.. hey, its gonna be my first time there. so i was pretty clumsy at first. no kidding. its true ive nvr been to Seoul Garden before.. thanks to zen that i learnt so many things by just dining in @ Seoul Garden. haha! shhhesshhh, don't laugh.

bill was all on him. let me share my first part.. first, went in, thought it was kinda like u know, pizzahut those kinda restaurant where they have their own CSR. and no, i was wrong. zen went to the counter and made the table booking and payment. my face, gone case. serious. like omg, so embarrassed eh.. for a first timer like me. alright, the staff then lead us to our seat.. u know what? after i sat, i looked at zen and he went like, waiting for what, go and take your food. and i went so stunning. and gave that lost in the jungle face to him. hahah. he very bad, chuckle at me for that XD next, he brought me to the food bar.. nice enough right? ok, next thing, i was looking at him and asked, how to take, and he said, "take the plate.." and actually in my head i was like, oh, u can take your plate. so considered self-service uh.. cool, i know. and the part of choosing food, im not good. but after i asked him i can take what, he said, anything you want. wooohooo, waiting for what, i dashed browsing the food there uh..

it was the nicest dining moments i ever had with him.. we were there since 4pm+. he cooked for everything that was in my plate. i ate alot. really.. first i rmbr i ate rice with satay dish, next i rumble the cockles, around 20+ of that and he was kinda mad after i ate that much cos im allergic to seafood. hahahha. sorry zen. it was my favourite. =P and then i had spaghetti, hotdogs, cockles again. for zen, he had teriyaki chicken. over and over. i was laughing at him cos he was like starving himself with chickens and more meats over there..

for desert, we had ice-cream! evening, i was taking his drink and saw this guy using the ice shaver, and my face was like, oh my~ went to my seat and told zen about it. wooohoo, i had my own ice kachang! for zen, he had self made chendol. it taste so sweeeet. hahahaha. too bad idk how to make chendol for him =|

around 8pm+, my brother came there. farridon. he joined us and went complaining why we didnt inform him earlier cos otherwise he would have drop there also.. but nvm~ zen paid for his entrance.. he managed to join dinner together with us. overall, i was there @ Seoul Garden with zen for almost 5hrs. hahahah. crazy~

those bills paid by zen..

yeah man, i was busy camming while eating XD

and this is zen's chendol. that doesnt even taste like one..

and this is mine! =D nice right? cheay~ hahaha

ooooo, the cockles. this is like the 3rd round..

and the desert. my ice cream ^__^

what about today..

i treated my family KFC! =D

i can't wait to see zen again on friday..


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