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Wello~ see my face. =D

the face that will 100% attracts guy. hahaha. crap. k anyway, i know i haven been updating my blog for almost going 1 week already. tmrw going 1 week if i nvr update now. so long right? and school are going to reopen soon for those who are still in sec & pri.. also, new year are drawing near. any resolution for next year? for me i have not plan yet what's my resolution going to be. eh lets recap why 1 week i nvr update..

so, the last time i updated my blog was last thursday. then u know why i did not update on friday? becauseeeeeee, i had meet-up with my clients and meeting up my boyfriend. spent the night with him. after i fetched him from HTA, we took cab as usual to his place. he put his stuffs etc2 and dress up for out with me. we went to kovan to find my brother's birthday present as well as my parents anniversary present. and i got home together with him at almost 11pm. nice~

and what's happening on saturday.. ooohhhh. see this picture down below,

Total there are 225 pairs of lenses..

yup, i was so busy handling this much of lenses. and that night i got so hungry that it really made me so tempting to place an order.. so this is what i ordered,

yeah, KFC & Canadian

and actually i thought of ordering Mcd, again, but neh. sick of it. so i tried ordering something else. KFC again, i know. cos the chicken always taste so good. but idk why the hell they didnt have cheese fries for delivery. they should make! those cheesy lover will definitely call KFC for this! hahaha. canadian pizza, i bought 1 bbq chicken pizza & another 1 more is teriyaki chicken. and calamari rings. for these two only it cost me almost 40 bucks..

and on the following sunday, i wasnt doing anything much but just, rotting at home. resting and lappy and facebook and back to square 1.. until that midnight then i went to pack all the lenses then needs to be given and posted out. slept at 530am. idk why time clocks so fast..

now we're gonna read about my monday. fuuuh, awesome! ppl always said that monday are the most boring day of the week. but not for me ;D i had a greeeeaaaat day! really. well what i did was, in the afternoon, i went to meet client @ Kovan MRT STN & Hougang MRT STN. after that, i went to Singpost @ Hougang Mall to post the lenses. next, im free! wooohooo. and u know what i did?

Shopped my ass out! yeah! went to cotton on and do hardcore shopping. spent like an hour in there just to pick clothes that i want.. pick try pick try, confirmed, go counter and wala! i was somehow shock in the inner side of me after i knew everything cost almost close to 80 bucks! woaaaaa. after that, i went to meet my family at Serangoon. yall know now Serangoon just opened the new shopping centre call "Nex". my gosh! i haven explore the place yet until i went there like yesterday, with family. shopped alot. and lastly, i treated my family ph! =D finally. and for that, it cost me like close to 120 bucks. for table for 6. hahahha.

so excited until i took a picture of it! ^_^

ooook. so now im all done updating my b l o g. and yes i know its such a long post. of course yeah, so long nvr update. hehe. and tomorrow is thursday then left 1 more day to friday then im meeting zen. yay!!


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