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hey hey! hello!! i had so much fun today. had a day out with ipin skyes.. thanks for accompanying me yo! ;) first i met my client at Hougang Int. and this ipin supposed to meet me there but then he was freaking late. and so i had to made my way to Bedok instead.. and after that we took bus to penin.. reaching there almost around 6pm+ i guess? i can't rmbr.. we had dinner @ kfc while waiting for farridon to reach.. oh yes! i saw shah too! didnt realise him in the first place until he gave me that stare and then it recalls me~ hahahah

after our dinner we went penin. randomly i bought new guitar for myself since im starting to pick up on guitar.. thanks to farridon for teaching me. now i can play your call & the kill a little.. we went home by cab.. sent ipin home by cab and took the same cab home..

tiring. but i love it! =D

woohoo! this is so mine! gonna get it customize soon.. like my lappy ^_^

ipin & myself. i like this!

oh, pls don't lose my earpiece cute!

thats him & his drummer~

and this is me & him =D


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