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hello guys. im sick today. really sick. bad day.

ok first in the early morning i woke up & realizing that my soft palate lil hurt each time i tried to swallow my saliva. soft palate = the roof of the mouth.. but the soft one, which is at the back of the roof mouth.. yeah, it hurts. next, i gotta know that i had flu too.

1hr later...

i realised i got fever. what the. slept the whole day~ and its getting better already. no worries. tisha always Strong ;D

then in the night, i went down to buy something, decided to withdraw some cash and the heck. my atm card got retained. (angry). kinda surprised the moment i saw the screen said "Sorry, your card has been retained." like wtf i did. first, the cash didnt dispense out as well as the card and in the end, that's what i got. grr. of course after that i immediately called the bank and reported to them about it. thank god they already blocked my card. they asked me a choice whether i want the card to be mail to me, (but it'll take 7 working days) or, get a replacement. so i told them i'll get a replacement. and tmrw morning im going to get replacement near my area bank branch. the bank open at 830am. i think right after i send my younger brother to school, im gonna go off to mcd awhile, have my breakfast and off to take my new card. idiot machine.

yup, just like this picture.


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