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woots woots! how's your day today? for myself, i've been rotting at home since morning. & yes, im not bored. thanks to my lappy. ^_^ boyfriend was out with his mum to celebrate his aunt's birthday.. he'll be coming to my place after that.. guess he'll reach here at night..

anyway, i was hungry just now, nothing much i can grab to eat at home, therefore i decided to order Pastamania! woooh, nice. and im really full.

i've nothing much to update about since im not going out today.. but tomorrow i'll be going out with zen.. gonna celebrate our 1yr 6mths in advance.. not sure heading to where, but will be out. so if i never update, = busy. but i'll try to keep my blog updated though ;D i just knew i've been blogging for almost 6yrs+. i started blogging on may 2005. view my archives. hahahha! funny shit when i review my past.. the way i type. the heck. freaking hard to read. you know, young times, tYpiNg tiz wae iz c0nsideReD "UnIqU3". hahahha. im laughing at myself while i viewing all about my past updates..

enjoy the pictures..

was supposed to upload this long time ago.. i did this on my own for my little brother. you know, primary school have art & craft..

mum made this weeks ago..

this was just now.. how the pasta sauce & pasta was pack really impressed me. unexpected.

i ate few slices and left some, then i rmbr to take picture of it. hahahah

tissue, brochure. surprising pastamania has its own tissue. Cool!

done yo. takecare~~


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