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woooh, you know what? i neglected my business email and in the end i have like 49 emails to reply. hahah! and yeah, i've been spending my time to revamp my online site down below. see this! i like it! click on the link to go to the site.. so excited. hahah.

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anyway, yeah i know today Asking Alexandria is performing in Singapore. i didnt go cos i was busy, the heck like everyday im busy. hahah. no time. but if Ke$ha coming Singapore, i'll makesure to come for her concert ^_^ and have yall ever realise smtg about Ke$ha? kept listening to her music and notice smtg, almost all of her music have that "Glitter on the floor" part. haha. i guess she loves glitter alot, just see her album cover. also have glitter on her. Lol.

im going to reply those 49 emails and then plot schedule to meet my clients. after that im going to sleep. been sleeping very late these few days.. nothing much to share. takecare! =D


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