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yeah! hello again! i had so much fun today. enjoyed my day, alot! ^_^ even though im having my pms. hahah. cos usually my first day of pms suck alot. when i mean alot, yea, hard to go through. but i managed to get over it though. really glad for that. else i'll be rotting at home for sure..

and just now, i went off alone as yeah, zen was in camp, otherwise he would have been with me all day long.. but i don't really mind.. i get used to it. first i went pasir ris post office to post those postage lenses.. was about to meet ipin before that but he said he wanted to collect the Asking Alexandria Tix and needs to be @ Cityhall by 6pm. and i thought of meeting him there, but then it didnt go that way. he didnt collect the tix instead and so i was all alone until after i took off from pasir ris, i took train *finally train, else i'll be taking cab* to bugis.. met farridon, fahmi & one of fahmi's friend, rara. i've got plan for my bestfriend, nazli. yup, its his birthday today. i just realised about it. ahhah. last minute plan..

we waited from him(birthday boy) like almost 2hrs, he reached almost 830pm. 830 eh~ we thought he reach like 7+.. =__= and while waiting for him, they accompanied me to buy cake and stuffs. we're so fickle about where to celebrate until rara made her way home.. in the end, after nazli came, together with his friend, zara, we decided to celebrate his birthday @ Starbucks Bugis. wooohooo. i love it! and the feeling was so great! cos this is my first time planning something for somebody~ my first time aye =D thanks for coming down my devil(nazli)! heheh. and those who are there ^_^

nazli finally turned 20. fahmi's birthday has also over.. and soon, its going to be me. heheh =DD we all off separately. but fahmi went with me and my brother. we took the same cab to send him off home ours..

i still have alot of pictures, below i have include the album link. click it if you wish to view it. takecare! \\//

fahmi, nazli, zara & me! =D

fahmi & nazli.. they're so my crazy guys ^_^

i love this man! \\m// thanks to farridon.

this is us! i see the cake! ^_^ it was chocolate truffles. nice! got raisin..

fahmi, nazli & zara.

Full album view: Click here


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