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Hey! its been sucha very long time since i last updated my blog right? yeap. very long.. and i felt that i've somehow neglected about my blog.. like holyshit! how could i, right? cos i still rmbr before, i'd always have time for updates etc.. but now, seems like my blog are almost dead. almost.

anyway, there's many things happening during the week that i didnt update.. first, after yall know about the part that i knew ipin right? yeah, within a week, we had lots of troubles like wtf. he acted like girl and im being the guy =__= we argue, not really argue but like caused problem even for a small matter. not me, but him. and i just uploaded alot of pictures.. Alot. those who got my facebook, feel free to view those 4 albums..

i had so much fun.. day out with ipin.. boyfriend and farridon.. not forgetting, fahmi & nazli.. these ppl that im currently close with.. oh that wednesday was my graduation day. freaking exciting. hahah! alright, i have many to share but im lazy to type. well i hope by view the album makes your day as in, atleast theres something to look at or read at on my blog.. i also realised feb going to end soon and march going to come.. so fast. bf going to pass out on 3rd march.

i shall end here. next time if got time i'll update. don't worry, i'll update daily like before. been so busy and eventually i forget about my blog. hehe =X my bad. enjoy the pictures. click the album links below.

My Graduation day & outing Album: Click here

Jamming for fun Album: Click here

Valentine 2011 Album: Click here

Seoul Garden Album: Click here

Random day out Album: Click here


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