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yeah, hello guys! hello february~

woooh wooh, its like so fast going a week i never update my blog. seriously, the time is ticking really fast these days.. & hello February! tmrw im going to meet zen. gonna fetch him by cab again ^_^

let's recap again..

after the 25th jan update, i went out to meet my clients on thursday and friday.. wednesday i was out with taqin & farridon @ Nex. met clients and had my hair trimmed *look above picture*. wooohoo, freaking loving my new hair! i'll post the pictures later.. after im done updating this post. friday like always i fetched zen.. met ezum on thursday~ by coincidence. cos she had to drop school for some shoot.. we had our dinner @ mcd amk ;D woohoo. and the next day is friday, we met again. 2 days straight in a row ^_^ my friday will always be the same, met clients and fetched zen..

saturday i was out with zen and had times together.. i had no idea where we went to. can't rmbr. haha. forgetful right? whereby it just happened like a week ago.. alright, i rmbr already. XD we went to bugis to meet client first, then took cab off to sim lim square. he finally bought a new phone, Vivaz Pro for himself. wooooh. nice~ now then i can use my Nokia C6. thought of using my brother's Vivaz but nvm. the speaker wasn't loud enough for me. hahah.

sunday i was home the entire day.. he booked in at around evening.. monday i was out to meet clients. went dinner @ pastamania with farridon then took cab off home. and today is tuesday, i was home. yup. home all day~ tmrw im gonna fetch zen @ home team academy in the afternoon. can't wait =D and hope that i won't be late anymore.. heheh, like always. ezum! don't forget tmrw!!

valentine is drawing near and i have yet to plan about the day.. i'll see on to that.. ok, here's all the pictures..

this was taken months back.. i love this picture of zen! =D

oh this is me. while waiting, i snap a picture ^_^




and this was on that last thursday..



me & ezum


no caption..

smile smile ;D

see, she look sooo chubby! hahaha

taken on monday..

pastamania @ Tamp..

farridon.. no idea why his eyes was about to close each time got flash.. haha!

i took..

this also.

alright, done! =D takecare guys! \\m//


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