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hello guys! how are you? =D

hey! i was so busy yesterday until i did not update my blog. thankful i have time today to update them. and yes, as i wished on my previous post, about the fetching of my bf. i was early indeed! woohooo. happy alright ;D was there just on time. around 1230pm.. lucky the cab driver was fast ^_^ after fetched him, we went to CCK mrt stn and met few of my clients.. we then thought of having lunch somewhere nearby but almost all fast food restaurants seats are full. no choice. so i bought double chocolate frappe and went off by cab to zen's hommie..

after hes done changing, put his bag etc~ we went off to hougang point and had our lunch. next we went to have our time together out and in the evening we dropped Heartland, he bought some food for my family and again, he treated me double chocolate frappe. yum yummy!~ by then its like going evening.. reached home around 9pm.

today, i stayed home. zen dropped my house. hes booking in on sunday.. about tomorrow, im not going out, lazy. furthermore zen will be going out with his relatives for some outing/gathering.. not sure if he'll be coming my hommie not.. doesnt matter though. i have my lappy ;D

below will be pictures taken yesterday. enjoy (:



zen, myself


idk what the hell he's trying to do~ hahaha

me also..


i like this! =D

zen took this

watson.. hahahah!

see this, i took this picture and became addictive after he thought me how to press the right way so i'll focus ;D thanks!


and again, us..

yeah! this is the double chocolate frappe im talking about ^_^

end of pictures. bye bye!~ =D


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