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wooohoo, pizza! ^_^

yeah man! i had pizzahut on my saturday, cum my 1 & half year of relationship. =D i went out with zen to celebrate our day in advance. it was supposed to be tomorrow but since he'll be in camp on monday, so we decided to celebrate it in advance instead..

first we had no where to go, rmbr i said on friday that i've no where to go? yup. we randomly dropped Nex to have our tea break @ Pizzahut.. i had super supreme pizza and he had hawaiian pizza. we bought some desserts, calamari rings & breadstick too. i loooove breadstick man. super sweet! i like. hee. after we're done, took cab off to Courts Megastore @ Tampines.. we then went to Ikea also.. thought of revamping my room, but forget it since my parents are gonna supply the cash ^_^ hehe.

not much to share about. i stayed home today.. so yeah~ boring post, i know. oh yeah! next week going be my graduation day! yay!! and im gonna have photoshoot on that day as well.. weeee~~ you know what? i just learn how to play guitar! awesome! the kill will be my first music thought by my brother, farridon.. im sure that i'll be going to do recording when i can play the guitar smoothly ok? give me sometime to learn.. =D

thats all~

pizza.. breadstick, calamari ring ;D


yeah! this mine!! \\m//

this is zen's.

yes, this is him. he already got so pissed off bcos i kept pestering him to take picture when hes about to enjoy his dessert. hahaha!


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