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nice isnt it? i'll do it when i go school ^__^

just got my hair cut yesterday to this ;D

yup, i've been not updating my blog for long.. i was Sick ='( from last thursday until tuesday.. though i was sick, i still have my day with zen @ esplanade. went out for birthday party..

azleen, fatyn & myself =D


woohoo, zen & myself ;D

there are more pictures in facebook but im lazy to upload them all..

it was a great day on last saturday.. and coming saturday on 29th, my brother gonna perform gig @ tanglin cc.. farridon. hahahah. at 3pm. i wonder if i could make my way there ^__^ together with zen.. depends aye.. hmm, what's more eh.. i've nothing much to blog about.. but, i'll sure be blogging hopefully daily like i did before..

oh yeah, yesterday i had few mins of talks with ezum. been so long since i last saw her. and tmrw im meeting her. wooohoo, yes uh, meet kunnies. =DDD happy ok. everytime i see her face, i couldn't stop laughing.. no idea why. haha. u know that kinda expression when you meet someone who always make you laugh? yeah. sort of that way..

so much of my close friends are already busy with working life. unlike me. busy rotting at home. hahahaha. as yall know im still on my own business. those lenses.. ;D & i love it. i've received letter for the graduation invitation already. gonna be there with my parents on 16th feb.. and i have yet to buy my graduation outfit. seems like i need a new blazer for myself. ^_^ saturday i'll do the shopping if possible.. but sad thing zen couldn't make his way on 16th feb. tsk. he supposed to pass out on feb, but it dragged till march. the heck~ every week i miss him. and i gotta wait for every friday for him to book out. yes, tmrw friday. wooohoo!

till my next update, takecare guys. \\//


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