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really sorry guys for not keeping my blog updated. i've been so much hectic than before.. and seems like i somehow neglected my blog T_T when i always keep my blog updated..

anyway my days from sunday to tuesday was great. sunday will always be my boring day cos zen had to book in camp in the evening and my days will be boring until friday. only friday i get to see him till sunday. that sucks alot right? monday always been the first day of school for teenagers. but not me. im still waiting for result on 15feb.. what's more, i've to go out and meet my clients to pass them their items.. went to 3 places. around evening it was done and i had dinner with taqin, my youngest brother and farridon. he really did came to amk just to have Free dinner =___=

tuesday, which was yesterday. i accompanied mom to shopping. bought some new shoes and sandals for myself. i wasnt a long day of shopping but just a casual shopping.. and i had chicken rice for my dinner eh. nice~ =D see, tuesday post so boring. short only. and i'll upload the picture taken on monday soon..

as for today, i'll be going out to meet my clients again. then probably around 3pm+ i'll be meeting farridon. kill time and meet next client at 630. and as some of yall might know, im deleting my facebook friends as days goes by.. having 4k+ of friends and knowing 50% are junk friends, wasnt an easy task for me to delete some of them yeah. i aint creating another account, and so i had to take the trouble. guys, freaking Stop requesting me in facebook when yall got girlfriend can? everytime i had to face the fact that after each time i accepted, few days ltr, your girl will come after me like what the heck lah. seriously. annoying. so betta dont request. cos ur gf might think as if i wanna tackle you guys but cmon eh, i have mine and i love my boyfriend. who cares about flirting. i can flirt with mine. so Please guys. Stop requesting. i'll also started to not accept Guys friend request on facebook. there's so many reasons i can list why i didnt accept them. not because of my boyfriend but because i lazy to entertain.

and those who have sent me a qns on formspring, i appreciate it so much. seems like my formspring is like love consultant account. hahaha! well, i'll try my best to help yall by answering your qns. for newbies, feel free to send your love qns to me via my formspring alright. have fun ;D

takecare and just hope i'll keep on updating my blog tomorrow. bye~


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