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hello! so how was your 1 week of school? im not schooling still.. april faster come.. i want go school. i aint rotting at home. so tedious & dull :( unlike before when i was at my youth age.. so hype. everyday go school late. hahah! and there i go, detention. awesome. but now not anymore ;D however, i miss my secondary school times.. had fun etc.

anyway, yesterday i went to my friend's house, fahmi, together with my brother and nazli. we're almost late, decided to take cab to whitesand taxi stand and fetch nazli. took the same cab to fahmi's area.. we reached his house at around 5+pm.. talks laugh and crack jokes around. we came there to catch this movie together actually,

yeah! haunted changi. hahaha.

for those who has been my daily reader, yall should rmbr there is this post regarding haunted changi before.. the one that i explored this haunted hospital together with zen, nazli, farridon & fahmi and my 2 other girlfriends, syira & nisa. i guess we went there almost more than 3x. hahaha. the place was like a maze. get back to this movie.. it was a great movie after all. and we wondered why we didnt get to see the torcher chamber & the tunnel. bcos during our exploration, we did not find any cos they were all sealed up by the government. what we know is that after this filming of this haunted changi movie, this place has been oob(out of bound). they had already but some barrier for trespasser. im not sure if i already post the video of of the haunted changi we explored that day.. but i might be uploading the video on my post someday. -give me sometimes to upload to my lappy ok.

so the movie ended around 6pm.. slacked around and had fun taking junks of pictures. just like this:

scary kids scaring kids

love ; \\// ; Ok

myself, nazli, farridon & fahmi

oh my, this is random with fahmi.. haha

during the movie..

we also had great talks with fahmi's mum about superstitions stuffs and stories.. then after around the evening we went to burger king, bought some food and bring over to mcd. had our dinner at mcd. so fast going 9pm! we went off, fahmi went home and we took cab home..

and today is my 1 year 5 months of relationship! ^__^ 789 789~ see you soon zen! *wooohooo*


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