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woots woots! hello! now i think i rarely update my blog on weekend.. this is because im Busy. like always eh~ XD

on friday i meet cha.. treated her pastamania @ cwp as her birthday treat =D sorry for the belated wish babe.. we then took the same cab to fetch zen and back to cck. but after that, cha went off first.. i took train to woodlands with zen and decided to take bus to our hometown =D

i bought waffles @ compass. i love plain waffles. do you?

and the next day, was saturday, i had a great great day with zen. wooohooo. i like it so much. dining in @ pizzahut again @ the new shopping centre, Nex. i brought my younger brother along, taqin. we first went to bedok by cab to meet few clients then took the same cab off to Serangoon. ^__^ it was unplanned day because we have no where to go. so decided to go Nex..

i bought Basil Crayfish for myself. in the end, i didnt eat it. hahaha. wasted, i know. its alright. i decided to pack the food and bring home for mum.. i ordered spicy chicken pomodoro. and it was kinda bad idea for ordering that. because i forgot to inform them not to put the cili padi. yuckkkkkxxx. but i managed to enjoy the food though..

hey, somehow i find this post is kinda boring post. hahahha. wait, see the pictures below if you wish taken on saturday..

zen & myself. smile smile.

this is the Basil Crayfish that im talking about. hahaha

and again. same position same smile. habits of camwhore. XD

of course this picture is me. it was random shot.

taqin took this.

yeah, this is my younger brother, taqin ;D

ok. that's all about the saturday.. and bdw, i've already applied for my higher nitec.. i picked network security tech for my first choice @ college east. im hoping that i get that course. atleast i can refer to zen if idk some modules etc.. zen gonna be my "private tutor". hahahaha. just now i went to my school to clear my locker. and i managed to buy my fav drink. strawberry banana milkshake! and farridon got the same school & course as me. that's a good thing!

honestly i really felt very very shagged now. very sleepy. i've always been sleeping very very late. as late as 5am+.. and farridon always tagged me to watch some movie on youtube. he called it "movie marathon". Lol.

im done right now. bye bye. shall wait for my next next update which idk when im able to update my blog again since im always hectic all day~ unlike before. daily update. ahaks. last time im always having free time. now not anymore. so bear the update pattern yeah =D

takecare readers!


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