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Yup, i met someone on thursday. it has been like 5yrs we didnt meet each other. and i really really miss it so much~ it can't be explain of how much misses i felt as all i could say, its all in my heart.

but get over it tisha. hahaha~ its 2011. and january its ending soon.. february is going to come.. CNY is drawing near also.. kinda miss going school..

i really had nothing to blog about. its getting boring right?? oh, on the wednesday, it was my mom's birthday. i treated my family to catch movie @ Nex. we watched Gulliver's travel 3D! it was a nice movie for me. should watch! really funny! i mean, the storyline.. and these few days i've been sleeping very very late. that is not good yeah. i myself have no idea why.. i wish zen finish his NS training earlier.. please please, no more extend.. my graduation ceremony date is near also and i want him to be there during the ceremony..

and you know what? im feeling very sleepy now.. i shall continue blogging again probably tomorrow? see how ok? takecare~~~~ \\//out


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